Real Cricket Talent

Mission & Goals


All the players can continue at a good level of practice by staying together at one place, so the Advance Sports Technology Trust has taken the responsibility of opening a center of excellence for these players, in which our team has been successful to a large extent. 
The sportspersons whom Advance Support Technology Trust sponsors are talented players but belong to a normal family. The work of cricket in Advance Sports Technology Trust is being done by the Real Cricket Talent organization, who are working to bring forward very promising players. 

Goals & Objectives:

1. Advance Sports Technology Trust has been doing talent hunt program all over India for the last few years and we are also providing financial support to talented players as food, practice sessions and sports equipment free of cost.

2. Players, who were supported/trained by the Advance Sports Technology Trust managed to reach their goal by practicing at a good level.

3. Players are being made aware of various rules to make them aware of the game all over India. So that people all over India should be aware of sports.

4. This organization is also providing healthy life to young children and elderly through sports from last few years, so that the elders remain stress free through sports and live their daily lives. 

5. Women's games are promoted by this organization and the talented players are identified and encouraged by giving sponsorship.

6. Young children are made physically and mentally healthy by playing games by keeping them away from mobile phones.

7. Players who are getting scholarship by this organization, they get free of cost from timely practice session in different states of our country